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We absolutely love it when our customers share photos of their special day. We get to see our christening gowns and dresses in our office every day, but getting to see them on a precious baby on their Baptism day is very special. It is such a personal time for a family, and it is an honor to share in the day with them!
Liz shared some stunning photos of Indie on her Baptism day. She wore the Grace Christening gown and bonnet. We loved how she paired it with a fresh flower bouquet crown for a romantic feel as well! We just had to know more about the day, and Liz was so generous to answer some questions! 
Girls Baptism Gown
 What did you like about your child’s baptism outfit?
"I was looking for something that was elaborate, without being "gaudy" or overly traditional. We pride ourselves in being "just a little bit boho" and we often go against the grain (I requested a "no pink" rule at my baby shower!)... this gown was extravagant and earthy all at the same time!"

 Before you started looking for a baptism outfit, did you already have a design or color in mind that you wanted? Did your church have any requirements for the baptism outfit, such as a specific color?
"Much like my baby shower, I knew I didn't want pink all over the place. We stuck with traditional white/ivory and accented with a yellow flower crown and yellow desserts/centerpieces."
Indie's Baptism Cake
Indie's Baptism Day Cake
Indie's Baptism Day Cookies

What do you plan to do with your child’s baptism outfit now that the event is over? 
"We are currently having it preserved and vacuum sealed for safe keeping!"

How old was your child when they were baptized? Was there a reason you chose this age?
"She was (almost exactly) 4 months old. No real reason for choosing this age. We actually moved the date up a few weeks because we realized much of my family would be going away on summer vacations. All we wanted was a sunny, warm summer day (and boy did we get it)."

How far in advance did you start planning your event? What were the first steps you took? 
"Because we changed the date, the first real step I took was reaching out to our priest (who also married us) to ask for the favor of an "out of mass" baptism. This worked in our favor because our parish has two churches - a big church that was converted from an auditorium - and a little church, which is a traditional building with tons of charm. The "out of mass" baptism allowed us to use the smaller (and prettier) space. The gown came second and everything else followed."

 Did you have any special family traditions that were incorporated into your day?
"Not particularly, but we had Indie's godparents help get her dressed up!"
Baptism Day Outfit For Girls
Grace Blessing Gown
Did you have a celebration after the baptism ceremony? If so, where did it take place?
"Yes, our reception was at Brooklake Country Club, where my family has been members for many years. (I even had my Sweet 16 party there!)"

Was there a theme to your event/decor? 
"Yellow + White! The decor had an earthy, luxe garden feel which is why I had Indie wear a flower crown in her portraits."

 How many family and friends celebrated with you?
"We had about 85 guests."
Baptism Reception Decor

Do you have any suggestions for other parents as they start planning their child’s christening/baptism?
"Have fun with it! Planning an event with an infant is a lot of work, but the next event you'd really have to plan is their 1st Birthday and that's a totally different 'vibe' so if you're looking to celebrate your little one in a more sophisticated way, their christening is the perfect way!"

Looking back, was there a favorite moment from the day?
"My husband and I making a toast thanking our guests! Indie needed life saving surgery a day after she was born, and this was our first real opportunity to publicly thank our loved ones for all of the love, support and good vibes we received (and continue to receive) as Indie grows stronger and stronger every day."
Baptism Day Toast
Grace Baptism Dress
Mother and Daughter Baptism Photo
Thank you again, @lizeidelman, for letting us be part of your family's special day! <3


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