These days, there are numerous options for christening outfits and accessories compared to many years ago. Looking back in history, christening outfits only became popular in the mid 18th century. Prior to that time, infants were simply swaddled in fabric during the christening ceremony! The christening gown and bonnet were the most popular designs to first emerge. The outfit was considered complete with a bonnet  … perfect to keep the baby’s head warm and help absorb oil/water from the ceremony.  Nowadays, you find many designs for boys and girls, including accessories. In fact, the options for girls
hair accessories alone can be overwhelming! You can side with tradition and opt for a bonnet, venture towards a modern design, like a large flower headband, or keep it simple and sweet with a dainty little clip.

Bonnets – Keeping with Tradition

The bonnet is traditional and looks lovely on any baby. It works well for younger and older babies and perfect whether they have lots of hair or no hair. New headband and hat designs continue to emerge, but bonnets remain one the most popular designs for baby girls to wear on their christening day.

If she has a lot of hair, comb hair to the side with a wet comb for a more polished look.

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Floral Garland Ribbon Headband

Our sweet model is wearing the detailed White Leila Floral Garland Headband. The headband is made with a white silk satin ribbon with flower garland detail across the front of the headband. The garland is made with small flowers, white beads and mini sequins throughout. This type of headband is elegant with a subtle sparkle. For the best of both worlds, use the bonnet for the ceremony and change to the floral garland headband for the christening celebration.

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Flower Headband

In the past few years, a large flower detail on hats and headbands has become a popular look for infant girls. There is something quite adorable about the “almost too big” flower on a little one’s head. Like most things, it may not be to everyone’s taste, but I would certainly consider using it for a special event. It is a large step outside of tradition, so if it is not what you had in mind for her christening day, but still love the look, consider using it for her christening photography session. The large flower headband makes for a beautiful photo opt.

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How to Wear Satin & Organza Clips

Does your baby have lots and lots of unruly hair that tends to fall directly in her eyes, or maybe she simply will not let you put a bonnet or headband on her? A little satin or organza hair clip is the perfect little accessory to pull her hair back in a simple, elegant, no fuss way. Our clips are made with an alligator clasp which securely holds her hair in place. There are a few ways you can use the clip. We affectionately refer to the high pony tail as “pebbles” style. For this style, it’s best to first secure hair with a little hair band, then place clip on the front. Something even easier… a simple side swept look. To help tame fly-a-ways, use a little water to comb her hair to the side before securing the clip.

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What is your favorite look? We’d love to hear! Please share in the comments below.

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