The Grace Collection made its debut late Winter, and it quickly became one of our most popular christening gowns! Now that we’re well into Summer, it still remains a popular option for summer christenings. Customers love the light feel of the cotton/silk blend fabric with gorgeous lace insets, making it both beautiful and comfortable to wear no matter what the weather. Even on a very warm day the material remains soft and breathable.

We started searching for pretty images on Pinterest that would help inspire a christening party for our Grace Christening Gown. We first felt inspired by the gorgeous mix of flowers in this photo and in this photo, both featuring and arrangement of flowers in shades of pink with hints of blue and green. We loved the bright, cheerful mix of colors! We started to find other images that complimented this fun color palette, which you can find on our Grace Collection board on our Pinterest, including desserts, decor and customer photos.

We’ve felt so inspired by all the beautiful customer photos we’ve received over the last few months featuring our Grace Christening & Bonnet. Take a look below at a few of the customer photos too cute not to share.

Emmie’s Christening


Emma’s Christening, shared by @vantiii_

Shared by Gloria

Shared by @elisandrasc

Shared by Erika

Giuliana’s Baptism


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