Little Emmaline was christened this past February on Valentine's Day weekend. She wore the elegant Gwen Lace Christening Gown and Bonnet for her special day. The Gwen gown is made with white pima cotton and contrasting champagne and ivory embroidered lace. Emmaline's mom, Andrea, is a professional photographer. A week prior to the event, she took a series of photos of her daughter in her gown that were stunning! Emmaline looked beautiful in her christening outfit and Andrea captured the details of the gown in a beautiful way. Andrea also shared photos and details from Emmaline's christening and from her "pink and red" celebration.

Emma's Christening Story | Gwen Christening Gown & Bonnet

Before you started looking for an outfit, did you have anything in mind for what you wanted Emmaline to wear?    

I knew that whatever dress I'd find for my daughter, it would need to be elegant and somewhat vintage - kind of like her name (we had a family member by that name, late 1800's). We had purchased a Christening outfit - the Harrison - for my oldest son, Liam, when he was baptized (which my second son, Christian, wore as well for his baptism.) I remembered seeing such beautiful gowns on your website then, but at that time I didn't have a daughter to purchase them for. After having Emmaline, I was excited to be able to shop for her! The Gwen was the length and material I was looking for.

Emmaline's Christening Story | Gwen Christening Gown & Bonnet

What did you like about the design of the Gwen Christening Gown and Bonnet?    

The Gwen gown's delicate lace and ribbon along with its bonnet gave it such a beautiful, classic look. I'm a big fan of off-white whites. As a photographer, off-white material photographs softer than pure white, and I love the vintage look of a champagne or ivory. The Gwen was perfect. She looked gorgeous! I hope she can pass this gorgeous gown down to her own children someday.

Emmaline's Christening | Gwen Christening Gown & Bonnet

How far in advance did you start planning?    

I started planning Emmaline's Christening several months in advance. I have three wonderful children ages 3 years, 22 months and 7 months so the planning happened on evenings just after putting everyone to bed and before I headed to sleep! I am a photographer, so I photographed her in her attire a week before her special day, so I could make her thank you notes personalized with her photo on it and send them out promptly after her baptism.

Emmaline's Christening Story | Gwen Christening Gown & Bonnet

What were some of the first steps you took when you started planning?    

My husband and I chose a date when family members could be around (Valentine's Day Weekend). Then I found her Gwen gown - so perfect for my little Emmaline Grace! There were so many beautiful ones to choose from too. Next, I chose the colors pink and red for the theme (going along with Valentine colors) and I shopped on for hand-made angel baby soaps. I booked her reception at one of our favorite restaurant & inns. I contacted the baker at Take the Cake for her raspberry buttercream 2-tier cake and I had her make it plain so that my friend and I could have fun decorating it with fresh flowers the day before. I made sure I had a red dress for myself and some red/pink church attire for Emmaline's handsome older brothers to wear on her special day (to be festive). Lastly, I asked our friend, Rebekah, to photograph for us again. We love her positive energy!

Christening Favor Handmade Angel Soap - Emmaline's Christening

How old was Emmaline at the time of the event? What did you like about christening her at this age?    

Emmaline was 7 months old when she was baptized. We wanted to wait until she was at least 4-5 months but since the holidays were around that time, we waited until they had passed.

Did you have a celebration/ after christening party?    

Her Christening reception party took place at a favorite Restaurant & Inn in town. It was about a 10 minute drive from the church.

Emmaline's Christening - Christening Ceremony - Gwen Christening Gown & Bonnet

How many family/ friends celebrated with you?    

We had about 25 guests consisting of family member and Godparents.

Was there was a theme to your event?    

It had a red, white and pink theme for Valentine's Day weekend.

Emmaline's Christening Party | Gwen Christening Gown & Bonnet Emmaline's Christening Jewelry | Gwen Christening Gown & Bonnet

Do you have suggestions for other parents?    

My best advice for other parents is to have others help with picking up the cake & favors and if your little one has siblings, make sure that there is someone you can designate to watch them at the church and reception. And most of all, just enjoy the precious moment during your child's baptism, the significance and time spent with your loved ones attending! Life is beautiful!

Emmaline's Christening Photos | Gwen Christening Gown & Bonnet

Thank you, Andrea, for sharing Emmaline's day with us!

Reception photographed by Rebekah Butler Photography

Emmaline's portrait shots by Andrea Finnegan


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