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Emily's Lace Baptism Gown
Planning a Baptism can be such an exciting and emotional experience. Its a perfect balance of observing faith and honoring relationships- introducing your sweet baby into the church while also depending on friends and family to help with their spiritual journey. Your church may have its own specific requirements, but the ceremony will typically feature time honored traditions and rituals that everyone is familiar with. The reception after baptism is where you can celebrate as you want to. It can be ornate or simple, classic or modern, intimate or welcoming! However you plan it, it will be a day that all of your friends and family will remember and cherish.
Anna was kind enough to share a few photos of her beautiful daughter Emily in her Poppy Christening Gown and Lace Bonnet. The Poppy gown features a dupioni silk lining in a gorgeous vintage shade of ivory, which accentuates the light ivory floral lace layer on top. The all lace bonnet features scallop detailing that frames the face, and a lace elastic keyhole opening in the back, which along with the ribbon ties allows for some custom fitting!
We loved the photos of Emily in her baptism gown, and after speaking with her mother Anna she sent us photos from the entire day! We got to see details like her beautiful E cake, table sets, flower arrangements, and the most gorgeous cream puff cake (which Anna made herself!) The elegant details perfectly punctuated the beautiful day. With all the personal touches and hard work, you can feel how special and emotional the event really was. 
Anna answered some questions we had about the day and her search for a Christening outfit. We hope it can help inspire our readers for their own baptism or christening event!
Poppy Christening Gown
What did you like about the Poppy Baptism gown?

The length and timeless design. I like tradition and had a hard time finding a long baptismal gown in local stores and boutiques. I wanted something similar to what my sister and I wore when we were baptized over 30 years ago... but also something her daughter might wear one day.

Did you already have a design or color in mind that you wanted for the baptism outfit? Did your church have any requirements?

The church wanted white, any shade of white. Originally I was actually hoping for the Lola dress, but it was out if stock and when I messaged it was unknown when the long one would be back... then the Poppy came out. The bows on the bonnet and flutter style sleeves are my favourite aspects of the dress.

What do you plan to do with your Emily's gown now that the event is over?

Dry clean (as it has oils from the baptism on it) and pack it away in a box with the candle and rosary from the ceremony for her to have when she is older. The dress is actually a gift from her godparents.
Church Baptism Day
Emily Blessing
Emily's Baptism
 How old was Emily when you chose to have her baptized? 

9 weeks. She was young, but we had family members that were not going to be able to attend if it didn't happen when it did.

 How far in advance did you start planning her baptism day?

We booked the church and reception venue when I was still pregnant! Primarily because we knew it needed to happen when she was young and tried to do as much as we could before the birth as she was due right before Christmas. It was busy.

 Did you incorporate any special family traditions into your day? 

The godparents prepare the baby for the event. They buy the dress, shoes, blanket, jewelry and the cake for the event.

Baptism Cake Ideas
Did you have a celebration or party after the baptism ceremony? 

We hosted a reception for just under 100 of our closest family and friends. We are lucky to have so many wonderful people in our lives to support us and her. It was held at the Croatian Sports and Community Center in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. They have a beautiful hall there. It's actually where I had my bridal shower too.

Baptism Reception Decor
Was there a theme to the day? 

White. For her. Clean, simple and pure. I like the juxtaposition of different textures and liked the clean copper geometric lines beside the intricate florals of the dress. The hope was the tulips would integrate the two.

 How did your family and friends celebrate with you?

They attended the ceremony. Some even came up and stood by us as she was baptized, including our two goddaughters. We said grace and ate together. Family helped us set up the hall that morning, and helped dress her at the church. Everyone contributed to the sweet table.

Baptism After Party
DIY Baptism Cake
Do you have any suggestions for other parents as they start planning their child’s christening or baptism?

Mini bride, mini wedding. Hire a photographer because you will be busy. And do as much as you can in advance. It's a lot of work!!!

Looking back, was there a favorite moment from the day?

How happy everyone was. To be there. To see her. To participate. And to be part of her life. The food was pretty good too!
Baptism Dinner
Girls Silk Christening Gown
Thank you again @annabenanna for sharing your family's special day with us! 
Photography- @jessejonasphoto
Emily Baptism Cake- @sweetpeascakery
E Cookie Cake- @skalassweetpastries
Cookie Favours- @Sweetcheeksco
Makeup- @beautymrk
Flowers, Decor, Signage, Cream puff cake, Canvas- DIY by @annabenanna

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