We are so excited to have the Courtney Christening Romper Dress as part of our Girls Christening Dress Collections! It is the perfect combination of a few of our favorite vintage inspired collections that we have been making more years. The Courtney Dress is hand made with the same gorgeous lace with from our Clementine Collection (I’m in love with this lace!), and the soft cotton under dress is made with the same soft champagne cotton we use to make the Louisa.

What is a Romper Dress?

A romper dress is a unique design from Baby Beau & Belle. Let’s start by saying that a romper dress is all one piece, and it is made with two layers of material. The first layer, the champagne cotton, snaps in between the legs, somewhat like the design of a jumpsuit. The second layer of material, the beautiful ivory floral lace, flows over the cotton, creating a lace skirt. Overall, it gives the appearance of bloomers under the skirt. It’s a wonderful design for infants, especially little ones who are busy crawling, scooting and walking. No matter how mobile they are, the dress will stay in place. Not too mention, this dress is incredibly soft! Any baby would be happy and comfortable in this dress, which I would consider very important for a little one.

What Will She Wear on Her Head?

A clip…

The beautiful baby girl modeling our Courtney Romper Dress sure did have a full head of hair! In fact, she already had thick locks of hair grazing the tops of her shoulders. A small hair clip was the perfect way to sweep back the hair from her eyes in a quick polished look. We've wonderful Christening Accessories is a wonderful match to the Courtney Dress. It’s handmade with light ivory organza with ivory flower and green leaf detail. The green detail on the clip is very close in color to the embroidery flower detail on the bodice of the dress. The clip is an alligator clasp which holds the hair securely in place… perfect for a busy baby, right! A simple, dainty clip… a great option for the little girl with lots and lots of hair, like our sweet little model.

… or a headband?

Are you looking for something more unique? I would consider a headband with a girl’s christening outfit a bit outside of tradition; a modern option for a christening. The Courtney Christening Lace Headband is certainly unique. This hand-crafted christening headband is made from a champagne lace and the same flower and leaf embroidery that is found on the Courtney Dress. This particular headband looks best worn around the baby’s head like a halo. Hair or no hair, it’s perfect for any baby.

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