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In the past year, we’ve featured a handful of customer christening stories on our site. It’s been incredibly wonderful for us to hear the heart felt details each mom had to share about their child’s christening. Each story featured is unique, with different traditions within the family and different themed celebrations. We also noticed common ties between each story, such as the suggestion to wait until your child is old enough to sit up and enjoy their celebration, and the reminder to not stress over the small things and enjoy the little moments throughout the day because it goes by entirely too fast.

Each christening story touches on different parts of the christening, from planning the event, to choosing a christening outfit to the details and special moments they planned. In particular, we enjoyed the highlight each mom had to share from their child’s christening. A moment they look back on and cherish. Take a look at the special moments each mom had to share below.

Ava Grace’s Baptism

Ava Grace’s baptism was the first story that we featured last Spring. Her mom, Lia, planned the most beautiful vintage themed christening for her little girl. It was Lia who first inspired our christening story feature. It all began when Lia sent us photos a few weeks after Ava was christened. It was apparent how much love and hard work Lia put into planning every last detail. From the vintage carriage that Ava rode in from the ceremony to the celebration, to the beautiful strands of pearls and other custom decorations at Ava’s celebration.

We knew other parents planning christening events would feel inspired by seeing Lia’s photos! Lia was excited at the thought to share photos and details from Ava’s christening, including a special moment she shared with her husband and Ava prior to the ceremony.

Lia Pendington- “We were at the reception site getting all the little last minutes together and the guests were waiting for us at the church. The reception site was walking distance from the church which made it very convenient for all of the guests and my immediate family who was all with us at the reception site helping with the decorations and what not.

The highlight of my day is when we strolled through Washington Park from the reception site to the church with Ava in her Louisa Gown in the Vintage Carriage. There were a lot of activities happening in the park like art dealers, bands performing and tourists. There were also lots of people eating outside of restaurants. It was a sight to see! All the Oohs and Ahhs! We felt like celebrities and crowds gathered and starred! Luckily the photographer took some great shots. It is something I will never forget!!”


The Scarlett Dress for Scarlett

The Scarlett Lace Christening Dress for a very sweet little girl named Scarlett. Perfect, right? Little Scarlett is the youngest of three girls. Her mom, Sandra, planned a celebration that was similar to the details of Scarlett’s Dress; pinks, vintage inspired and lots of lace details. Telling us about Scarlett’s Christening, Sandra emphasized the importance of coming together as family.

Sandra Clemente-" From the minute we all woke up it was an event… getting ready and the excitement that it was Scarlett’s big day of celebration. We had our family staying with us as Scarlett’s godparents (one set) are from Melbourne and her grandparents live too far to travel back and forth, so it really was a big event. Scarlett’s sisters, Gizelle and Sofia, talked about the christening months before, as they were looking forward to getting all dressed up and enjoying the day. We loved being able to celebrate with all of our friends and family. Our kids enjoyed having the company of all the other kids. I guess the highlight for us was being with everyone we loved and enjoying food, drink and a good chat & laugh."


Lucy’s Southern Baptism

Lucy was baptized last Summer wearing our vintage inspired Clementine Lace Gown. Lucy’s mom, Shana, took a few photos of Lucy  on her Aunt’s farm two weeks before the event. She created an old world look by using a vintage chair, and the photos turned out so wonderful! It brings a smile to our face every time we see these sweet photos of Lucy.

Shana Robertson-“My favorite part of the day was Lucy! She was the star of the show and she knew it! She loved all the attention. It was like she knew everyone was there to see her. She looked so beautiful in her gown and everyone was so happy and relaxed. It was perfect!”

 Chiara’s Simply Elegant Baptism

Chiara was baptized last fall wearing our Melissa White Lace Christening Gown. The white lace gown with light pink details was exactly what her mom, Kristi, had envisioned for her daughter’s day and matched perfectly with the delicate whites and pink theme of the party. It was touching to hear Kristi describe the special details from Chiara’s day, including the special moment when Chiara’s Godparents dressed her in her complete christening outfit.

Kristi Bombini-Coffman-“Celebrating the sacrament of baptism with all of our close family and friends was definitely the highlight of our day, but I must admit one of my favorite parts of our day was when the godparents dressed her in her beautiful gown before the festivities started. The entire family came into her bedroom and we celebrated with champagne and it brought tears to my eyes to see how beautiful she looked. That was a really special tradition for us and we sincerely thank you for creating this beautiful gown that now carries such important memories with it. That gown will be cherished forever.”

Jake’s Christening Story

Jake was christened last year wearing our Harrison Cotton Jumpsuit and matching Harrison Knit Sweater. It coordinated perfectly with the blue and white themed christening his mom, Sharron, planned. Since Jake is the youngest of three children, Sharron felt experienced at planning a christening. She was sure to have a photographer take pictures all throughout the day, including a few photos of the actual baptism, capturing one of Sharron’s favorite moments from Jake’s Christening.

Sharon Goodyear-"During the church service we were asked to parade Jake around the church so everyone could see him properly. I remember feeling very proud as I did this so this was probably one of my favorite moments. That and watching the love that my children showered on him. They both adore him!"

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