Choosing what your little one will wear for their baptism can be trickier than you may think. With the increasing array of equally adorable options available, you may be tempted by a couple of options. Christening gowns have until recently been the standard. However, about 30 years ago, more modern options began to emerge. The baby boy’s christening romper and modern baptism outfit are two popular alternative choices for little boys. Little girls are often steered towards the long, flowy christening dresses, but baby girl rompers can be a fantastic option for your baby girl too. Here's everything you should know to make the right christening outfit choice for your little one. 

christening rompers

(the Lace Christening Outfit for Girls on the left, the Harrison Romper on the right for boys)

Rompers Are A Beautiful Alternative To Christening Gowns

Whether you're looking for baby boy dressy rompers or baby boy one-piece rompers, all romper design styles are guaranteed to provide the practicality gowns often lack. Traditional christening gowns are about 60 to 90 cms long. For most babies, this means the gown flows well past their little feet, making their booties harder to notice. This option is often less comfortable for toddlers, who will likely want to stand on their two feet at some point without the risk of tripping over the gown.

The rompers are an adorable alternative that will put your angel's footwear front and center and allow them to run around as they please without tripping over. The boys' christening rompers can be worn at a number of events, including birthday parties and other familial gatherings. The christening romper boy model is a great option for versatile future wear, for a comfortable yet dressed up alternative to the onesie your baby would usually sport.

Our Best Christening Rompers For Your Angel’s Special Day

Baby Girl Christening Rompers

lace christening romper

This white lace baby romper design is best suited to newborns because of its tiny, adorable dimensions. With its stunning handmaid lace and gorgeous waist-highlighting bow, this design is sweet, ephemeral, and offers an angelic twist on modern designs. 

olivia linen christening romper

If you're looking for something comfortable and classic, this top-quality linen christening romper girl design, with its intricate waist detailing, is the outfit for you. With its preppy collar and puffy short-sleeves, this model is the go-to option if you're looking for something demure and elegant. 

Baby Boy Christening Rompers

linen christening romper

With long flared pants and a classic silhouette, this jumpsuit will better cover diaper lines than most gowns. It features a simple but elegant satin-stripe detailing around the chest, and short sleeves for added comfort.

boys christening jumpsuit

Ideal for newborns, this toddler boy romper is a plush, super-comfy jumpsuit that will feel reminiscent to your baby of their favorite onesie, or most comfortable pajamas. With its simple silhouette and long sleeves, the Harrison jumpsuit will make your angel the sweetest sight for miles around.

When it comes to gifts for those you love, quality is essential. Our christening outfit collections are bound to make for happy babies, happier parents, and stunning, timeless pictures. Order with us today to spoil your little angel, and yourself in the process.

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