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There were 1934 buttons in the jar and Jaimee’s guess of 1910 was closest. Congrats!!

Thank you to everyone who entered. We can’t wait for our next contest!

Last week, we had fun on our Facebook page guessing how many booties were stuffed in a jar. This week… we’re onto buttons! We’ve placed as many of our adorable blue and white striped buttons as possible in this glass jar. How many do you think are in there?? Follow the two easy steps below to submit your guess.

1) Scroll to the bottom left of this page and submit your email address to subscribe to our blog.

2) Please submit your guess in the comments below.

Whoever guesses the correct amount, or has the closest guess, will win $50 towards their next purchase! The winner will be announced Monday, October 13th.

Good Luck!

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