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New babies are so fun to shop for! However, there is such an abundance of choices once you begin your search, that it can be a bit overwhelming. What present should you choose? Should you stick to neutral colors? Should you buy something practical or a keepsake? Although new parents will most likely appreciate any gift you give them, we understand wanting to pick the perfect gift. Luckily, we've answered some of these burning questions for you, so you can have more of a guide when shopping for the best baby gifts. Read on for our tips.
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What are some good gifts for babies?
When shopping for a new baby, the possibilities are endless. If the parents are close friends or family, we recommend going with something a bit personal, like a keepsake item. Personalized blankets, picture frames, or handmade gifts are always great options for keepsake gifts. If you know the colors the parents are using for baby's room, matching your gift always makes it that much more special. It's also more likely that the gift will get used if it goes with the nursery decor. If you're gifting something pre-birth and the parents are waiting to find out the gender, some gender-neutral color choices are beige, grey, and yellow. Don't be afraid to buy baby clothes, but since most parents are overloaded with onesies and casual outfits, we recommend going for something a bit more meaningful. If you know the family is getting photos done or will eventually be having a baptism or christening ceremony for baby, a special gown or suit would be an extremely special gift. The best baby gifts are the ones that can actually be used as well as treasured, and you're gift will be memoralized in pictures that will last a lifetime.
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What is the best gift for a newborn baby girl?
Baby girls are probably much easier to shop for than baby boys, just because there tends to be much more variety when it comes to clothing and decor. A coming home outfit is a must for any new baby, and this adorable set would be a perfect choice. A great companion gift for a special outfit is a matching blanket, like this one. Headbands for baby girls are always a popular choice, and the color and print options are endless, but we love this simple, elegant one in white.
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What are the best gifts for a newborn baby boy?
Boy outfits and gifts usually come in greens, blues, and greys, but don't be afraid to vary from those color schemes. We can't get enough of the retro style of this newsboy style jumpsuit with delicate creams and blues. Stuffed animals are always a great option for either gender, and these simple bunny pacifier holders will be used constantly and come in several different colors to match any color scheme. 
What are some good gifts for new parents?
Besides the things we mentioned above and the obvious baby items, sometimes the best baby gifts are the gift of time. Volunteer to babysit, get the parents a gift card for their favorite restaurant or order take out for their dinner one night. We promise these things will be greatly appreciated, even though they'll probably never ask for them on their own. 
Remember, the best baby gifts are the ones that have a lot of thought behind them. So if you know the baby's parents have something special on their wish list, or you're able to get something that has personal meaning for them, go for it. Anything you choose will be appreciated for years to come.

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