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We are very excited to introduce the Abigail Silk Christening Dress. We’ve made similar designs to the Abigail in the past, so we’re quite happy to bring this popular design back to our collections. The design of the dress is two separate pieces; an antique white silk dupioni dress and a light ivory lace overcoat that buttons over the dress. The silk dress is designed to fall about mid-calf on your baby girl (may differ depending on her height and how she’s proportioned) and the lovely lace coat will fall a few inches past. This handmade heirloom dress really is the perfect length for a busy mobile baby. It’s akin to the design of our Heirloom Girls Gowns which will fall well past her feet, but made in a shorter length that will not restrict her if she’s busy crawling or walking.
The Abigail Collection includes matching accessories as well, so you can mix and match the different pieces from the collection to achieve the perfect look for your little girl. For instant, what will she wear on her head? Personally, I love the traditional look of a bonnet for a christening. In particular, I adore the look of a sheer lace bonnet so I have a soft spot for our Abigail Lace Christening Bonnet. With a sheer lace bonnet, you really notice the intricate details of the lace embroidery and it photographs beautifully as well. For a more modern take on the heirloom design, I like the look of a more simple head piece, such as the Abigail Lace Headband. The lace on this headband is a bit wider compared to our other lace headbands, so I like the unique look of this headband. Now, what will she wear on her feet? As much as I adore bare baby feet, I also love our Ivory Mary Jane Shoes that match the Abigail Dress perfectly. Pair them with a darling pair of Ivory Lace Socks or Ivory Tights if you’re planning a Fall or Winter Christening.

Abigail Christening Set

To make things simple, we’ve created an Abigail Christening Set, complete with all the matching pieces you’ll need for her special day. You’ll be able to mix and match the pieces to create the perfect christening look and quickly change a few accessories for her after christening outfit. Plus you can have fun mixing pieces for a fun christening photo shoot to achieve many different looks.


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