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Today was a special day for Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. Their newborn son and heir to the throne, Prince George Alexander Louis, was baptized this afternoon. As it is for any parent, a baptism is a very special day that celebrates the birth of a new child. Although William and Kate are traditional in many ways, they’re also known for being non-traditional at times.
Keeping with Tradition
  • Prince George wore a replica of the same christening gown that has been worn by all royals since 1841.
  • He was baptized in the historical lily font. The same baptismal font has been used for every royal christening since 1841. It is filled with water from the Jordan river.
  • The christening cake was a tier from William and Kate’s wedding cake from their 2011 nuptials.
Stepping Outside of Tradition
  • Prince George was christened at The Palace Royal at St. James Palace. He is the first future monarch that was not christened at Buckingham Palace.
  • William and Kate choose 7 godparents for George. Although, it’s not uncommon to have multiple godparents (William has 9) it’s uncommon the godparents are non-royals. Instead they opted for family and old friends.
  • The ceremony was much smaller than usual… only 22 guests were in attendance.
  • Prince George was christened at 3 months old, which is a bit older than other future monarchs christened before him.

    Prince George’s Christening Outfit

    The christening gown that George wore for his christening is stunning. It is a true heirloom piece. The gown is actually a replica of a gown that was made in 1841 for Queen Victoria’s oldest daughter. Queen Elizabeth had a replica of the gown made so that the original could be preserved and cherished for many more years to come. The gown is made with fine honiton lace, which is known for being intricate and detailed, and lined with satin.

    Please feel free to share your thoughts about Prince George’s Christening below!

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