Searching for the perfect Boys Baptism Outfit can be such a challenge, especially if you want it to be vintage and timeless. You can find girls outfits seemingly everywhere, and with many choices from lace and silk to woven and knit cottons. Many companies overlook that we want our baby boys to be just as classically dressed as our baby girls, without looking overly feminine. This is a problem not only for every day wear, but especially for special occasion outfits for baptisms, christenings, blessings, and weddings.
This is where Christening Gowns sets itself apart from other baptism clothing companies. We design all of our boys baptism outfits to feature details that make them elegant without being over the top. Cuff details, shell buttons, ribbons and subtle laces are just a handful of eye catching accents we add to our boys blessing clothes. We offer a selection of styles in long pant, mid-calf, and short length outfits, since not everyone wants their little one in a stuffy suit on a hot day! 
 Boys Baptism Outfit
Boys blessing suit for summer Short suit for baby boys
This summer, our most popular boys christening suit has been the Miles White Short suit. It was so popular we have had to do many unexpected productions just to keep it in stock! The suit features a shawl collar jacket with folded cuffs at the wrists and legs, and adorable pockets on the jacket, plus a onesie and matching shorts. What makes this such a beautiful outfit for special occasions is the cotton we make it from- Its a French Terry material that is textured and elegant. We feature the flat side of the fabric on the outside of the pieces so that they have a clean, finished look, and then use the textured terry side for the cuff and pocket detailing, as well as the shawl collar. The mix of textures make this an ideal baptism suit for those looking for something that will have him stand out without being over the top. 
Christening baby clothes
The Short Suit has been the most popular piece for the summer months because the knee length shorts give some relief in the heat, and the cotton is breathable and soft so its comfortable for baby. For cooler climates or cold, air conditioned churches, you could instead purchase the original Suit that offers full length pants, which are still breathable in warmer weather. Or if you want the best of both worlds, you could opt for the new Vest Suit, which pairs the longer length pants with the incredibly adorable cotton vest. Whichever combination you choose, when paired with the matching Newsboy hat and Booties, you'll have a complete outfit that people will adore! (Don't forget the matching bandana bib, to keep his outfit clean but still perfectly styled!) All of the matching christening accessories are also available in our accessory set, which offers a discount when you purchase all the pieces! 
baby baptism hat for boys
Baptism accessory set

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