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After your child’s christening day has come and gone, you will be left with many beautiful Christening Photos. From their christening outfit and the ceremony to photos with friends and family. Today, we wanted to share a few of our favorite ways to use your Christening Photos.


For some, it’s traditional within their family to give the Godparents a gift, but it’s certainly not expected. We do think it’s sweet to give them a small trinket to show your gratitude for taking on this special role though. Gifting a framed photo of your child in their christening outfit not only shows your appreciation, but also serves as a reminder for the wonderful day you shared together.


Nowadays, it is so quick and simple to upload photos from your camera or phone online to have photo albums. Albums are great to save with their christening outfits and pass on to them one day. There are so many wonderful websites that provide easy step by step instructions … one of our favorites is Shutterfly.


Making a shadow box is a great way to save bits and pieces from your child’s christening! We love the idea of saving a copy of the christening invitation, the program from the ceremony, christening cards from friends and family and saving them in a frame. Mixing in a few photos of them in their outfit would make a great addition.

A shadowbox looks darling displayed in your child’s room to serve as a daily reminder of their christening day. It would also make a lovely gift to pass on to them one day when they are older.


Create your own custom thank you notes! There are many sites (Minted is one of our favorites!) you can use to create thank you notes with a photo of your child in their christening outfit. 


Receiving photos from our customers and seeing the little ones in their Baby Beau & Belle outfits is truly the highlight of our day! Plus, sharing your photos for others to see is so helpful when others are looking for a christening outfit. When someone is feeling indecisive about choosing an outfit, we suggest they take a look at our Customer Photo Gallery about It’s helpful for others to see how our items photography in different kinds of lighting and see our designs on baby of all ages and sizes.

There are many ways you can share photos with us! 

  • Tag your Instagram photos @babybeauandbelle
  • Post photos to our Facebook wall
  • Email photos to contact@babybeauandbelle.com

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