Ordering online can sometimes seem difficult when you’re not able to see the items in person before placing your order. Especially when it comes to sizing! Choosing a size for a baby can be very challenging at times since brands can run big or small, and babies can be big or small for their age too! It’s particularly important to find the right size when you’re ordering for such an important event, like a christening. Our hope is to make the ordering process easy and worry free, so today we are sharing 5 helpful tips for choosing the perfect size for your little one’s Christening Outfit.


We’re going to start with the most helpful way to find the right size. Compare your baby’s measurements to Baby Beau & Belle’s Sizing Chart! Rather than choosing a size based on your baby’s weight or age, it’s much more accurate to go by their actual measurements since babies can be proportioned SO differently. We provide measurements for all items, including accessories such as hats, bonnets & booties.


On every product page, you will find helpful customer review that our wonderful customers have taken the time to write about the items their little ones wore. Many of the reviews touch on feedback about sizing and fit. For example, we found our Boys Wingtip Leather Shoes run narrow, and many found they were a better fit after sizing up. We’re very grateful for our customer reviews.


Does it seem like your little guy or gal is in between sizes? Are you just confused about which  size will be the best overall fit? Let us help you!! Please Contact Us if you have any doubts about sizing (or anything else for that matter!). We know the outfit you are ordering is for a very special day, and it’s very important to us that you find an outfit that’s a perfect fit for your child’s event! We can give sizing suggestions, share common feedback we hear or provide additional measurements of a specific garment to better estimate how it will fit.


Sometimes, if your little one is in between sizes, the best option is to order two sizes so you can try them on a determine which size is the best fit. One size may be a better fit around, but fall much shorter than you had in mind, so it’s possible you find the larger size is actually the fit you were looking for. Ordering two sizes is especially helpful if you are ordering very close to your event. We don’t always recommend ordering two sizes, but sometimes this really is the best option. We do have an easy Return Policy if this is what you opt to do.


It’s a good idea to start your search a few months before the christening. After browsing our site, be sure to take a peek at our sizing chart to get an idea for how our sizes run and what measurements will be most helpful. Plan on ordering about 4 weeks before your event date. We always ship out within 1-2 business days, so ordering 4 weeks before your event will give you plenty of time for delivery, is close enough to go by your baby’s current measurements and will also leave you with enough time to exchange if needed.

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